Welcome Corentin!

StoriesOut continues to grow! Corentin has joined us as a Media Consultant to gain presence on our social media. Here he tells us about his recruitment and beginning at the agency.

My StoriesOut adventure:

“I arrived mid-September 2022 at StoriesOut following a more than amazing recruitment process!

Before StoriesOut, all my interviews took place over several stages, the first one typically a long one hour conversation with a human resources representative, followed by a demonstration of my abilities, with written exercises to do at home. After having passed these steps, you’d think that’d be all. But no, there’s then a new phase of candidate selection with a second interview, this time with my future manager. After jumping through all these hoops, over several weeks, you’d think I was going to become the CEO of the company or president!

But everything was so different with StoriesOut, it was a speed-dating style interview, 15 minutes max directly with Anne, the company’s founder! No second interview, no exercises, no convoluted questions. What was even more surprising during that interview was when Anne stopped me on the spot and made me an offer for the job. Incredible! A recruiter trusts me!

I’ve been with the company for 2 months now and it’s great. Everyone listens and gives advice, they trust me and listen to the suggestions I make, whether they are good or bad.

It’s a pleasure to work with them! đŸ˜„

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