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StoriesOops an offer dedicated to intimacy brands

PR agency StoriesOut launches StoriesOops
an offer dedicated to intimacy brands

At the forefront of innovation since 2010, StoriesOut offers its expertise to SexTech
brands that deal with intimacy and sexuality in an inclusive and ethical way


[announcement) Paris, 24 May 2023 – Since 2010, StoriesOut, a press relations agency, has been helping startups and innovation players to make their voice and their uniqueness heard on the market. Today, the agency is launching StoriesOops, a service dedicated to sextech brands.

After having accompanied several brands, notably ErikaLust and The Poken Company, StoriesOut made several observations:

  • The mainstream media is opening up to themes of intimacy and sexuality through societal and corporate issues
  • Beyond their own business, most brands in the sector are very committed to diversity, equality and education
  • Yet, have great difficulty in finding generalist agencies willing to defend their cause

StoriesOops, a complete communications offer

StoriesOops is an offer dedicated to ethical and inclusive brands in French and international SexTech. Its objective is to enable intimate brands to make their voices heard in the general media.

In concrete terms, the offer covers the following areas:

  • Corporate communications
  • Public Affairs 
  • Brand collaborations
  • Influence

👉 More details on StoriesOops here

Society is undergoing changes at an increasingly rapid pace due to communication channels and technology. However, the media is often reluctant to tackle subjects related to sexuality. Yet there is no shortage of such topics: from erotic literature to sex toys, from issues of inclusion and representation to the sexuality of seniors, from restrictions on access to adult content to the rights of performers, etc. By creating StoriesOops, we are putting our media and communication expertise at the service of these brands… and of the public debate,” comments Anne de Forsan de Gabriac, President of StoriesOut.

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