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Surveys, Polling & Statistics

Qualifying is good, quantifying is better!

In communication and marketing, being able to quantify your market is an essential asset.

Why a Survey?

Carried out with a recognized institute, a survey makes it possible to produce exclusive figures and statistics on a client’s market. Because they are exclusive, these data structure the understanding of a market.

A brand that is able to produce this data clearly stands out on the market and assumes the coveted position of the decryptor.

Added Value of StoriesOut

At StoriesOut we are masters in the art of thinking, designing and executing the most impactful studies and surveys.

In association with recognized polling institutes (CSA, OpinionWay, etc.), we help our clients carry out polls that open the doors to the most demanding media and the widest audiences.

A Few Examples (French Surveys)

👉 Synapse Medicine : Goodmed, l’application qui scanne vos medicaments, sur Europe 1

👉 Altays – 4 conseils pour demander une augmentation, sur Brut

👉 Weglot – 70%, dans StratĂ©gies

👉 Lyf – Restauration : Emmanuel Macron annonce la dĂ©fiscalisation des pourboires par carte bancaire, sur TF1

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