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Unipile: manage all your messages in one single app

Unipile brings an innovative solution to the management of multi-channel communication with its universal email client for small and medium-sized businesses

Thanks to its innovative solution, Unipile has won over users and investors alike and has raised €1.5 million to continue developing its solution and accelerate its international development.

Paris, March 7 2023 – Unipile, an application from Roanne France, the first universal email client for VSEs/SMEs closes a first round of financing of €1.5 million from 25 experienced business angels and the BPI.
These funds will enable the company to enrich its product offering with exclusive features and to strengthen its team with a dozen new hires in order to accelerate its commercial development in France and abroad.

The first “all-in-one” AI-enriched application that centralizes the messaging channels of SMBs

60 emails, 50 messages on WhatsApp, 27 Telegram, and many others received daily by employees … Traditional tools such as Outlook or Gmail are definitely no longer adapted to the management of these new messaging channels that are now part of the daily life of SMEs. Unipile provides a simple and efficient solution to regain control of these multiple communication channels

Created in 2020, Unipile is the first universal messaging client dedicated to optimizing the processing of multi-channel information for small and medium-sized businesses. Available in the Freemium version & on a monthly subscription, the application centralizes all the messages from their communication channels in a single interface.

This centralization allows organizations to save time in the daily management of messages, optimize employees’ serenity and productivity, and no longer miss important messages. Ultimately, they optimize their competitiveness.

“Between internal communication and customer relations, we observe that companies use on average 6 different channels. This multi-channel management is a real pain and a source of stress. Having been confronted with it, we quickly realized the extent of the problem and worked on the development of an efficient and easy-to-use answer, optimized by the most advanced AI technologies on the market” comments Julien Crépieux, CEO and co-founder of Unipile.

Main features of the application

  • Centralization within a single interface of the main communication channels of companies: Email (all providers Google, Microsoft etc.), messaging WhatsApp, Linkedin, Facebook Messenger …
  • Connection of calendars with messengers in order to plan actions directly after receiving messages (e.g. moving a WhatsApp message or an email to the calendar to process it at the right time).
  • Simplified setup of automatic responses generated with ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence. The AI assistant proposes a positive, negative, or personalized response according to the context of the messages, which the user can adjust before sending.
  • Secure user data thanks to its zero access architecture, only users can view their messages. All data is stored on the client side (no data in the cloud).

“All signals are green for Unipile. We have just completed our first round of financing, our technology has been validated by the market, and today, Unipile is the first DMA Ready messaging client. We are providing a concrete and rapid response to the need for interoperability of messaging platforms imposed by the Digital Market Act, so that Unipile users will be able to reply to a message received via Twitter from their WhatsApp messaging system, for example. which allows us to look forward to our development with ambition, with a view to opening an office in the United States by 2025” adds Julien Crépieux.

1.5 million to finance innovation and accelerate business development.

Unipile’s potential has not escaped the attention of local investment players, as the start-up has completed its first round of financing with experienced investors from the tech and industry sectors and the BPI.
The young company intends to accelerate its development:

  • Technological, by offering an increasingly innovative centralized application thanks to new connectors and exclusive features based on artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Commercial and Technical, by recruiting a dozen profiles over the next 6 months.
  • strengthen its presence in the United States (its 3rd largest market) by opening an office in San Francisco by 2025.

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