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Launch: BigBlank, the startup studio dedicated to creating the travel of tomorrow

– Launch –

BigBlank, the startup studio dedicated to creatingthe travel of tomorrow

BigBlank plans to launch its first startup by Q1 2019, thanks to unprecedented expertise and resources

Paris, November 28th – Created in June 2018, BigBlank, the startup studio dedicated to tomorrow’s travel and travellers, unveils its business operations. With a core team of 12 people – travel experts and entrepreneurs – BigBlank aims at launching startups that will redefine travel as we know it.

A startup studio dedicated to the travel of tomorrow

BigBlank will reshape travel along the following lines:

  • Re-thinking / re-defining every step of the travel and associated experience
  • Focusing on both leisure and business travels
  • On a global scale

BigBlank will select projects based on their potentials and on the opportunities they offer in terms of market size. The studio will also pay close attention to entry barriers on target markets – a key factor to launch pioneer startups in their fields.

Creating the travel of tomorrow means that we will have to rethink everything, every step, every moment and every experience. We already started to evaluate several projects, two of them being in a prototyping phase. We will launch our first startup in Q1 2019 and will aim at an average of 4 to 5 startup launches per year.

Hubertt Riondel, CEO BigBlank

Unrivaled expertise and resources to support promising travel startups

BigBlank provides exceptional methodology and support to raise tomorrow’s travel players:

  • A seasoned entrepreneurs team
  • A 4 step-methodology to identify, test, validate and launch startups
  • An on-going support service thanks to a network of seasoned mentors, to complement the BigBlank team’s expertise.
  • Access to Air France-KLM’s resources, from technology to expertise to deep understanding of travellers’ expectations
  • A funding capacity up to €800K per startup

Self governance and diversity of experiences

Hubert Riondel, CEO of BigBlank, put together a team gathering experiences acquired both within Air France-KLM as well as from other ventures, that will actively participate in inventing and creating the travel of tomorrow.

About  BigBlank

Created in June 2018, BigBlank is the startup studio aiming at building the travel of tomorrow, for leisure and business travellers. The studio consists of a seasoned team of entrepreneurs, travel experts as well as a mentor network, who are all determined to make tomorrow’s travel experience simpler, richer and more accessible.

Exploring new horizons, bringing people together and sharing unique souvenirs: through detecting innovation opportunities on the market, transforming them into projects and financing them, BigBlank helps startups emerge in the fields of mobility, transport or logistics for travel.

BigBlank is a 100% subsidiary of Air France-KLM group. Led by Hubert Riondel, it gathers a 12 people team.