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Evercontact now available for Office 365!

Evercontact now available for Office 365! 

The invisible cloud service that automatically keeps address books up-to-date unveils its offer for Office 365 today


Paris, 16 July 2015 – Evercontact, the invisible cloud service that extracts contact information hidden in emails and then updates address books and CRMs automatically, is now available for millions of Office 365 personal and business users.

Evercontact, the intelligent contact management assistant
Evercontact is an invisible cloud service that keeps address books and CRMs automatically up-to-date with information mined from email signatures. Launched in 2013, and already available for Gmail, Google for Work and Outlook users, Evercontact has analyzed billions emails and created and updated more than 300 million contacts for 100,000+ clients. 

Evercontact for Office 365
Office 365 users can now benefit from the unique capabilities that have made Evercontact successful:

  • Automatic contact mining and analysis: Evercontact for Office 365 automatically detects contact information from both new and existing contacts. The information is then transformed into distinct data points ready to be integrated into the Office 365 address book.
  • Updating and enrichment of address books: To update contacts continuously in Office 365, Evercontact’s daily service works in the background and suggests updates for validation.
  • Immediate activation: The service activates in a few seconds and seamlessly integrates into Office 365.

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“Office 365 is a very interesting market for us because it has already attracted millions of users all over the world, a huge pool of potential clients. Making Evercontact available for Office 365 is a real opportunity to reach these millions for whom Evercontact is THE easy and invisible solution to increase daily productivity and efficiency.No matter where they are: at the office, at home or on the road, on their computer or smartphone, users can be confident that they have the latest information to reach out to their contacts.” 

 stated Philippe Laval, CEO and founder of Evercontact. 

Installation and pricing
A new Evercontact for Office 365 user gets a 1 month free trial after installation to try it out. They can then subscribe to the daily updating service for $59 per year 

To install Evercontact for Office 365: click here

About Evercontact
Evercontact is an invisible cloud service that mines missing contacts in emails, allows them to be shared with collaborators and keeps CRMs and address books automatically up to date without any effort. So far, the company has analyzed billions emails and created and updated more than 300 million user contacts. By automating the tedious and often neglected task of creating, sharing and updating contacts, Evercontact has saved its clients over 1 million hours of work.
More information: www.evercontact.com