Diamfab Announces €8.7M Round of Funding from Asterion Ventures, Bpifrance and Fonds Régional Avenir Industrie Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

28 March 2024

The deeptech startup specializing in semiconductor synthetic diamonds accelerates its pre-industrialization phase.

Castles Technology focuses on unattended and UK 24/7 helpdesk at Retail Technology Show 2024

25 March 2024

Castles Technology, an international leader in payment solutions, is excited to return to London’s Retail Technology Show to showcase its latest Android payment products, including its latest unattended devices and 360 payment and helpdesk services for the UK retail sector.

Michelin North America, Inc. Selects Cosmo Tech for Supply Chain Simulation

27 February 2024

Cosmo Tech announces it has been selected by Michelin North America, Inc. to help improve its supply chain simulation and optimize operations.

Castles Technology to showcase latest in retail Android payment devices at EuroCIS 2024

8 February 2024

Castles Technology, leading android payment acceptance, is excited to return to the EuroCIS trade fair to showcase its latest Android payment products and cloud-based solutions to simplify transaction acceptance for all retail settings. 

Castles Technology to Unveil Latest Android Payment Acceptance Technology at NRF 2024

9 January 2024

Castles Technology, a leader in payment solutions, is excited to introduce its latest Android payment technology at the National Retail Federation Retail’s Big Show in New York, January 13-16.

Gatling wins the “Acteurs du Libre 2023” award and announces 20 million downloads of its load testing solution

7 December 2023

Gatling, leader of load testing solutions for sites, applications, APIs and microservices, has won the "Acteurs du Libre 2023" competition in the "Business Development Award" category, at the Open Source Experience trade show in Paris.

Castles Technology launches the mobile S1F3 offering next android generation payment

22 November 2023

Castles Technology, the world’s fourth payment solutions provider is pleased to announce the launch of the S1F3 a next generation mobile device that offers multifunctional capabilities and an optimized checkout process.

MUSIXY.ai Now Pays Users 100 Euros per Month to Stream Background Music

15 November 2023

The world’s first streaming platform, label and marketplace for AI-enhanced hit songs, announces MUSIXY24.ai, which offers revenue share to listeners for functional music tracks, and is launching a new original song for peace from star producer

Tips from Castles Technology, a global supplier of payment terminals, for optimizing the checkout process during Black Friday

15 November 2023

Following the breakdown of electronic payment terminals experienced by several retailers in recent weeks, Castles Technology, the world leader in Android payment solutions, unveils its essential tips for retailers to prepare for the end-of-year sales peaks.

Castles Technology to support Worldline’s international deployment of Android Payment Solutions

11 October 2023

Castles Technology, one of the world’s top payment solutions providers is pleased to announce a partnership with Worldline (Euronext; WLN) for its first international deployment of a comprehensive range of Android payment terminals and associated services, including repair and staging.

MUSIXY.ai launches world’s first streaming platform, label and marketplace exclusively for AI-generated music

14 September 2023

MUSIXY.ai launches the world’s first streaming platform exclusively for new and covered hit songs with unofficial AI-generated vocals of iconic living or deceased singers. MUSIXY.ai is also the world's first AI music label working with award-winning producers to release newly composed AI songs with AI-generated music videos, including the track Peace by the unofficial voices of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the profits of which MUSIXY.ai will donate to a Ukraine charity. 

HUMAN Protocol finalizes integration of CVAT to open up access to significantly better data for AI scientists

6 September 2023

HUMAN Protocol foundation has announced the integration of CVAT (Computer Vision Annotation Tool), previously Intel, into its data annotation offering. The integration of CVAT into HUMAN Protocol will enable scientists to overcome one of the greatest prohibitors to the creation of cutting-edge AI products: the lack of specific and granular data. 

The Supply Chain Vulnerability Scan from Cosmo Tech is now Available on the SAP® Store

20 July 2023

Cosmo Tech today announced that its Supply Chain Vulnerability Scan is now available on the SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. This AI-Simulation add-on integrates with SAP Integrated Business Planning software and delivers supply chain resilience at all levels of planning to customers.

YowPay presents the first instant SEPA credit transfer solution for European for merchants in Europe

4 July 2023

Software producer YowPay presents the first SEPA instant credit transfer payment solution for merchants and e-merchants in the Eurozone. Whether you're buying online, paying a craftsman, a merchant, or a consultation, instant transfers are set to revolutionize banking practices, as they facilitate and accelerate exchanges and transactions. YowPay’s solution generates a unique QR-Code for each transaction, enabling customers to pay faster and more easily, in total security from their usual banking application.

Castles Technology celebrates 30 years of payment innovation at the Retail Technology Show

24 April 2023

Castles Technology, a global leader in payment solutions, will use its participation in the upcoming Retail Technology Show to start its 30th-anniversary celebrations and launch a new range of cutting-edge Android payment solutions. As well as celebrating three decades in the payment technology sector, Castles Technology, the world’s 4th payment acceptance solution provider will reveal new products and services including its latest Android terminals adapted to each use case (in the shop, mobile, and self-service).