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Press Relations

Bespoke strategies for innovative companies

StoriesOut devises bespoke Press Relation strategies that best support its customers’ objectives in terms of visibility, awareness and positioning.

Press Relations

Since 2010, we have become masters in the art of bringing innovative brands to market.
From strategy development to implementation and results measurement, we enable innovators to make their voices heard to make its voice heard.

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Media Coaching

Nobody is a natural publc speaker, but it can be learned.. As can getting your message across effectively in an interview. We have developed a proven methodology for coaching spokespeople. Our most experienced consultants help the representative get the most out of each interview.

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Financing rounds

An important step in the life of a startup, fundraising rounds are prepared and announced through high quality and carefully targeted media. StoriesOut offers all-inclusive packages to announce fundraising rounds in French and English.

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The 3Ps of PR, Our Methodology

Feel like you don’t have “enough news” to get started in PR? We have developed a methodology that allows brands to sustain themselves in their market… hooking on to the market’s conversation!

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Polls and studies

Become the brand that deciphers its market thanks to figures from exclusive and reliable surveys.
In association with trusted polling institutes, we elaborate and carry out studies that the media take up with great interest!

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Crisis Communication

The key word in crisis communication? PREPARATION!
From the identification of probable scenarios, to monitoring tools, to escalation schemes and restoration of the situation, our consultants prepare you for the worst. For the best.

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