Media Relations

A Tailored, Balanced PR Strategy


StoriesOut devises your PR strategy by formulating the Push/Pull/Profile mix that best meets your objectives.

  • Push : sending information based on company-specific news to targeted journalists (product or corporate announcements, events, etc.)
  • Pull : communication based on news stories unrelated to the company (reacting to competitor announcements, following up on editorial series planned by the media, developing pitches that showcase the company's expertise from a chosen angle, etc.)
  • Profile : communication, excluding company-specific news, designed to position the company's expertise (writing op-eds, customer testimonials, informal meetings with “core target” journalists, etc.)

StoriesOut offers its clients support and advice on the development and implementation of their PR strategy.

The goal is to shed light on a complex and evolving media environment. The agency's consultants provide clients with the keys to understanding current communication trends so that they can take appropriate actions.

  • Definition of needs over a specific period
  • Wording and writing of key messages
  • Market and competition analysis
  • Proactive approach to news coverage: monitoring, responsiveness
  • Review and reporting: results and adjustment

StoriesOut places customer relations at the heart of its team structure.

The agency uses multiple relational tools to optimize communication between its teams and clients. Each client will be assigned a two-person team that will be their dedicated contacts, in charge of carrying out the actions agreed upon.

  • A dedicated, qualified team of at least two people
  • A weekly 30-minute call
  • A responsive, highly available team

StoriesOut clients have the opportunity to receive training in media relations.

  • Media Coaching: StoriesOut offers its clients customized training sessions on topics such as interviewing techniques or public speaking.
    • Speech preparation

    • Sensitive topic identification

    • Organizational structure of a media outlet, journalist fact sheet prior to any interview

    • Journalists' expectations

    • Communication recommendations

  • Startup Training: for StoriesOut, supporting entrepreneurs also involves media relations training. The goal is to enable them to better understand the challenges of media relations as well as the expectations of journalists.