Bloggers and Influencers

A New Dimension in Influence

Whether you are in the field of professional services, tourism, lifestyle, high tech, family, or senior citizens, we select the bloggers, Instagramers and Youtubers that are most in line with your brand and values to give you the best visibility.

We target the bloggers and influencers with the highest ratings and the most engaged following through constant monitoring of the blogosphere.

This familiarity allows us to quickly and efficiently generate genuine enthusiasm from followers about a product or service. By capitalizing on this dual expertise in both traditional and digital PR, our clients are guaranteed to get a positive response to their messages and to capture the attention of their various audiences.

The agency works with independent as well as institutional bloggers/influencers, in various forms:

For the promotion of news stories, recurring events or key company milestones, StoriesOut works alongside bloggers/influencers to determine the most effective approach:

  • contests
  • editorial content
  • communication on social media
  • partnerships

Over a longer or shorter period of time and in order to further establish brand awareness, StoriesOut develops campaigns that involve all available formats to maximize the results:

  • contests with several bloggers/influencers
  • editorial content on various blogs, which is then shared on social media
  • posts on social media
  • participation of bloggers in events in order to meet audiences and readers
  • long-term partnerships based on: either brands joining in with the bloggers' activities, or bloggers joining in with the brands' scheduled events