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Our methodology

The 3Ps of PR

Our methodology enables our clients’ brands to emerge by relying as much – if not more – on market dynamics than on their own news. How?

To enable brands to take their place in the market, effective PR strategies rely on the right mix of different topics, angles and formats.

Push: the economic vitality of the company

Push actions concern “hot” company news, i.e. those that are time-sensitive.

Most often, they are disseminated in the form of press releases and make it possible to address the entire press target simultaneously.

Examples of hot topics: fund raising, milestone, new customer, new product, partnership, recruitment, etc.

Pull: speaking opportunities anchored in the “predictable” highlights of your market

Your market is punctuated by high points that provide opportunities to offer your unique vision: editorial calendars, changes in legislation or regulations, trade shows that monopolize the attention of your target journalists, and other events: Valentine’s Day, vacations, back-to-school, etc.

In each of these cases, journalists will have to write about an imposed subject at an imposed time. They will therefore be looking for information and, above all, angles and biases to differentiate themselves from other articles written on the subject.

A thorough watch and a good mastery of your favorite subjects allow us to position you on these papers, before they are written.

Place: creating cold content to express a vision, or even pre-empt it

Cold content can take several formats such as opinion pieces, case studies, surveys or, more broadly, communication around exclusive figures and data.

This content allows you to expose a vision or a bias and to support it with the testimony of a third party (customers, consumers or partners) or with the reality of statistics.

This aspect of the communication strategies we develop is extremely effective in establishing the vision and uniqueness of a company and its spokesperson.

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