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Stéphane Néraud

Having graduated with a master’s degree in Media and Communication Studies, I received in-depth training in oral and written communication techniques, event planning, and the use of specialized IT tools. The variety of experiences in my professional career has allowed me to explore a wide range of environments and to work on very diverse areas of communication.

In a media environment disrupted by the advent of social media, supporting our clients with these new communication channels is a major, exciting and very rewarding challenge that I have now been enjoying for quite a few years. Moreover, since the companies I have worked for were all part of the IT industry, and in particular new technologies, handling social media was all the more natural.

Major Areas of Expertise

  • B2B & B2C applications
  • Open Source
  • Analyzing, managing and facilitating communities
  • Setting up sponsorship campaigns
  • Implementing crisis communication strategies

What I Prefer

  • Keeping informed about the latest trends in tech
  • Market analysis
  • Creating and implementing communication plans
  • Responding to media / client requests
  • Organizing events
  • Facilitating communities