Having graduated with a master’s degree in Strategy and Public and Political Decision-Making, I decided to turn to a career in communication and public relations. Through my various professional experiences, first in a communication agency and then in a banking institution, I have acquired a variety of skills, be it in the banking and financial sector or in more mainstream industries.

Enriched by these experiences, which helped me understand various aspects of communication such as marketing, events or media relations, I became fully aware of the evolution and digitalization of communication. Fascinated by this transformation of media relations, which now deal with a very large number of communication channels, it felt like an obvious choice to put my skills at the service of businesses, especially startups, to help them best develop their visibility.

Major Areas of Expertise // Industry

  • B2B & B2C applications
  • Events
  • Copywriting

What I Prefer

  • Constantly monitoring the news
  • Organizing events
  • Creating and implementing communication plans
  • Interacting with journalists