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StoriesOut: Events, Conferences, Meetups

Events for Every Occasion

Corporate events are an effective communication tool that addresses a wide range of requirements. StoriesOut assists companies of all sizes, from the stage of strategic and creative event planning to the actual event day.

When it comes to organizing internal or external events, the agency provides tailored advice and creates custom-made events that will promote the image and strategy of the company to its various audiences. StoriesOut also helps its clients maximize their presence on existing events.

Our expertise:

  • A solid network of service providers
  • Commercial negotiation
  • Production monitoring
  • Planning and coordination
  • Post-operation review

Public Events


What Are They and Why Organize Them?

Public events target your clients and prospects and promote your image and business objectives. StoriesOut supports its clients through all stages of planning this type of event, from the choice of location to setting up activities and communication tools, all while ensuring comprehensive production monitoring.

These customized events are essential to your brand’s reputation and positioning.

StoriesOut takes care of all your event planning needs:

  • Developer meetups,
  • Announcements,
  • User conferences,
  • Receptions,
  • Release parties,
  • Promotion of a product or service,
  • etc.