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Entrepreneurs, why should you integrate podcasts into your communications strategy?

Often, when we establish a press relations strategy, we think of traditional media (print, radio, TV). But using podcasts in 2021 is a growing practice that, if played wisely, will bring real added value to your brand strategy. 

As an entrepreneur, participating in or launching your own podcast is beneficial to your communication strategy in several ways:

  • Wider media exposure

Podcasts are increasingly streamed and downloadable. Indeed, according to the survey conducted by Médiamétrie, “114 million podcasts were listened to in March 2021 in France which is 17.1 million more than in March 2020. This growing audience allows it to bring additional visibility to its company.

  • A different and fun way to stand out

Putting forward your professional activity and your career as an entrepreneur on this format gives you the opportunity to use storytelling, which will arouse the emotion of your audience and allow you to better capture their attention.

  • An often highly qualified audience

With the multitude of podcasts available on the various streaming platforms, the podcast audience is highly qualified in terms of their preferred subjects. If we refer to the profile drawn up by Podcast Natif: podcast listeners are distinguished by their cultural and digital practices. They are described as curious, urbanised, ultra-connected and qualified on the subjects of the podcasts they listen to.

Finally, the agency Calliopé, which helps brands launch their own podcasts, confirms that podcasts are an essential communication element for companies. It is available on multiple streaming platforms and integrates perfectly with the digital ecosystem already in place (website, social networks…).  It has the particularity to create a strong link between the brand and the listeners because the audio format allows them to spend a privileged moment with the brand they are listening to.

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