TV & Radio

1 January 2017 -

Go Live!

Whether on consumer or business networks, radio and television coverage undeniably accelerates your reputation.

Let's talk about it!

Consumer Media

1 January 2017 -

Closer to your audience.

Consumer media outlets speak to all of us. Whether national or regional, they represent one of our favorite ways to connect with our passions, our families, our daily lives and how the world changes around us. Gaining access to these media is the most effective way to enter the daily lives of your audience.

Because they work regularly with journalists, program managers and editorial boards from these media, StoriesOut consultants know how to identify, and even create, the opportunities you need.

Economic and Business Media

1 January 2017 -

Join the big league.

Gaining access to economic and business media is an essential step when developing your visibility. Whether in the form of TV, radio, print or online media, the economic and business media let you reach a qualified and demanding audience that includes your clients, prospects, investors and partners.

StoriesOut consultants know how to target key journalists from these media outlets and set up meetings that offer value to both the journalists and your company.

Change of Name / Identity

25 October 2010 -

Another key moment is when you change the name of your company. How do you explain this decision to each of your audiences and get them to buy into this new identity?

The name change may be the result of an acquisition, a change of strategy, a willingness to enter new markets, etc. Time and again, you will need to explain the reasons behind this decision to the journalists that follow you, so that they can propagate the news to your audiences. It is a moment that is both decisive and fragile in the life of your company.

StoriesOut regularly assists its clients with this step and actually helps you get your audiences to embrace your new identity.


25 October 2010 -

Technology has been driving a revolution in many markets. Finance is the industry that has undergone the deepest transformations, with the Fintech "revolution".

On the B2B market, as well as on the B2B2C and B2C markets, Fintech startups are redefining the game with new services, distribution channels and payment methods.

There are many journalists reporting on the financial industry and we know all the ones who focus on the impact of technology on this sector.

French Regions

25 October 2010 -

There is more to France than Paris! If you organize or attend events outside of the Greater Paris area and want to reach out to the local media, we can help.

Whether you're setting out on a tour through France or your business has an impact in French regions, the national press shouldn't be overlooked but the local press is of critical importance!

StoriesOut supports your regional ambitions with the right media: the influential daily regional press, but also local radio and TV stations.


25 October 2010 -

You're an expert in your market. You know all about it and your company is an actor of its development.

You know the trends and constraints of your market, you can see where it's heading and you want to share your insights?

Op-eds or opinion pieces are the perfect way to communicate your vision.

They also help to establish your reputation and set you apart from the crowd by sharing your knowledge with a wide audience.

StoriesOut helps its clients with op-ed writing and channels their pieces to the most relevant media.


20 October 2010 -

Raising capital is a key moment in the life of a startup.


From a media relations perspective, it's also a great opportunity to talk to journalists and larger media outlets, which helps to improve the visibility of the company.

StoriesOut has assisted many clients with their funding communication strategy. Here you will find a few examples of these campaigns.