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6 tips for boosting your social media

Do you want to use social networks to get to know your customers better, create a lasting bond with them, improve your company’s visibility, distribute your offers, recruit or build loyalty? Today, communication on social networks is no longer an option. Your customers are present and active, especially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the star trio you can hardly miss if you want to work and improve your company’s online reputation. Here are some tips from StoriesOut on how to get that started:

#1. Focus on visual content

Visuals are key on social networks, and this is even more true on Facebook and Instagram, where a picture is really worth 1,000 words. Photo, illustrated quote, or even infographic, the possibilities are numerous.
To ensure that your images do not appear malproportioned on mobile devices compared to larger screens, where social users are very active, make sure you respect the minimum and maximum dimensions required.

#2. Don’t just talk about yourself

You probably know the 20/80 rule, it also applies on social networks: out of 10 publications or tweets, 2 will talk about you (your offers, testimonials, events and news…), and the other 8 will be about what interests your community. How can you ask your fans or subscribers to listen to you if you don’t know how to listen to them? It can be local or national events, what makes your fans and subscribers laugh or feel sad, trends related to your universe and concept… Also think about sharing the news of the city or the region/country where your company is located.
Applying this rule will allow you to be a source of value for your audience, and to attract and retain their attention more easily.

#3. Embrace video!

Video is on the rise! So why deprive yourself of this medium that socialites love? You have several choices: offer a live video, using Facebook, Periscope or YouTube, create a video carousel or an animated slideshow with 3 to 10 photos on Facebook, make an “amateur” video with your smartphone to show the boss in action or the atmosphere in your company (ideal length, 15 to 45 seconds), create an animated GIF (a must in Internet culture) or offer the services of professionals to make a corporate or promotional video.

#4. Pick the right time to publish

The right time is when your community is ready to interact with you, plain and simple. This right timing varies from social network to social network, so here are a few things to keep in mind for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Instagram: The best times to post are late in the day at 5 pm and 2 am when the network receives the fewest posts, by volume, but also when the most avid Instagramers are active, ready to like, share or comment on your photos.
Facebook: Favour Thursday and Friday, with a slight preference for Friday because at the end of the week, users are happier, more available, more attentive and in a better position to react.
Twitter: Choose weekdays with a slight preference for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. In terms of schedule, two time slots stand out when it comes to retweets and shares: 12pm – 3pm and 5pm – 6pm.

#5. Create a feeling of exclusivity

The primary motivation of social media users who follow and like a brand is to be able to benefit from its offers and market visions. What better way to value, retain and thank your fans and subscribers than to offer them exclusive offers or content.

#6. Each social network has its own editorial line

To save time, you tell yourself that you can easily publish the same photo, the same text and at the same time on all your social networks? Unfortunately, this is not a very good idea…
Those who follow you on Facebook are probably not the same as those who follow you on Instagram or Twitter. So you need to get to know the profile of your communities, identify their interests, their expectations… and, like a chameleon, adapt your vocabulary and your tone according to the social network, and to the social users you are addressing.
What brands fear most on social networks is the silence of those who follow and love them. However, to entertain, inform, shock… in short, to make your communities react and interact with them, you have to start by pulling all the strings, until you find the ones that work best for you.
So one last piece of advice: dare, explore, innovate, test, have fun, and above all, don’t be afraid of failure, it is the very foundation of success!
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